About Us

BAM Complete Garden Installs is locally owned and operated from our family farm based in Gympie, Queensland.

In 2020 we began our journey into growing fresh produce at home. We quickly discovered just how much work is required to fully install a garden bed from the ground up.

As of August 2022, we have launched BAM Complete Garden Installs as the culmination of our passion and experience for homegrown goodness.

We offer a range of services including mulching pre-existing gardens and a variety of garden bed styles which can be customised to suit your space. We construct, deliver and fully install your beds ready for immediate planting.

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Our Mission

BAM stands for ‘Business As Missions’ which is not an original concept, however it aptly describes the intent and motivation behind the development and purpose for this business.

Joel served 4 years in the Australian Army and shortly after discharging, found hope and freedom in Jesus. His journey led him to ginger farming for 8 years and then branching out into experimenting with different systems of cultivation. We are still, and always will be learning in this area. Joel is also passionate about networking with local suppliers and businesses, supporting hometown industries.

Our desire is that many families will discover the satisfaction and benefit of growing their own produce no matter how big or small. We also hope to support family and community nearby and abroad, with entrepreneurial opportunities based on the model of our Complete Garden Installs as an avenue for sharing the hope and purpose that comes with implementing small business structures. 

In a nutshell, our opportunity is a channel to create opportunities for others as we grow.

What We Offer

Custom Builds

Home Delivery

Complete Installation